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Award Winning Culture Hosted By: Wildcat Nation

Jan 20, 2019

John Norlin is the co-founder of Character Strong.  He's worked as the Program Administrator for the Whole Child and Director of Student Leadership and Community Involvement.  Additionally, he was an award winning teacher and advisor at Sumner High School; where he taught leadership for 10 years. Norlin travels all around the country talking about servant leadership and character development as he's shared his message with over 300,000 teachers, students, and parents. Character Strong has become a catalyst for change across the country and Mr. Norlin helped us foster an Award Winning Culture here.  In this episode, Norlin shares the inspiration behind his life long passion for leadership, character education, and student empowerment.  Later, Wildcat Nation students riff with Norlin on podcasting, influence, and character strong.