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Award Winning Culture: Hosted By Wildcat Nation

Jul 1, 2019

Dr. Matt Bellace has a Ph. D. in clinical psychology from Drexel University. He has a passion for public speaking, helping children find their “natural high”, and living a healthy life through stand-up comedy. He is the author of the book, “A Better High” and contributes to the National Geographic Kids books series “This or That” and “How To Get High Naturally.” He has dedicated his career to help people who are in critical conditions outside and inside the hospital. Bellace is a driving force in educating kids to abstain from drugs and alcohol, helping kids find natural and happier ways to feel better about themselves and their situation.  In this episode, Bellace shares the secrets to become a highly successful and happy renaissance man. Later, Jordan, Qurin, and Kian join Macey and Elli for a discussion on overcoming adversity and being the leader of your own life.


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