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Award Winning Culture: Hosted By Wildcat Nation

Sep 8, 2019

Esteban Gast is an entertainer, educator, and entrepreneur who is UBER passionate about storytelling as a means to learn, connect, and empathize.  Gast co-wrote an outstanding teaching book called “Building Your Creativity.”  He’s the co-founder of Scriptd and was the star of the TV show “Jungletown” which aired on VICELAND and A&E.  Additionally, he’s been profiled in WBEZ, Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, and Brooklyn Magazine.  Currently, he’s a speaker and trainer for CharacterStrong.  Esteban is a gifted communicator who loves breaking down complex issues as he shares the power of kindness with the world.  In this episode, Gast talks about storytelling, kindness, and living with purpose. Later, Desi joins Brielle and Hayes to reflect on Gast's inspiring stories.

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