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Award Winning Culture: Hosted By Wildcat Nation

Apr 21, 2019

Frank DeAngelis is an internationally reknowned speaker, consultant, and author.  His new book “They Call Me Mr De” shares his incredibly powerful story as a retired principal of Colorado’s Columbine High School.  DeAngelis helped lead a school, community, and nation from the horrfic tragedy on April 20, 1999 through courage, love, heart, resilience, and recovery.  He was selcted as the Colorado High School Principal of the Year and a finalist for National Principal of the Year. He recently recieved the Jefferson County Lifetime Achievement Award and the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builders Award.  As a recognized expert in school safety, DeAngelis has supported communities across the country following incidents of violence and tragedy, including Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook. Mr. DeAngelis is truly a national treasure who continues to transform the school safety conversation worldwide!  In this episode, DeAngelis shares the secrets to leadership, school culture, and overcoming adversity. Later, Hayes joins Taya and Josh to reflect on DeAngelis’ emotional story.